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From the  movie Austin Powers

Social Studies

 Document Based Questions

Final Study Guide 7th Grade

Final Exam Study Guide 8th Grade

7th Grade American Nation Textbook Link

Presidential Hangman

Long Island Our Story

Make a Timeline


National Archives

National Geographic 

U.S. Capitol Tour

The White House

CNN Student News

Social Studies for Kids

What Happened in History?

New York Times for Students

State Web Games

Popular Songs in American History 

Newspapers From Around the World

History Adventures


Cool Math

Manipulatives in Math

English Language Arts

Internet Sources on Citing-Thanks Mrs. Lowe

Create a Citation

Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus

Grammar Games


Black History

Famous Black Americans

 Underground Railroad 1

Underground Railroad 2


Latin America

Spanish Heritage Links


Discovery School

Create Study Flash Cards!

Puzzle Maker

Mix it Up!


How to Make a Timeline

Jamestown Links

Schoolhouse Rock 

Map Links

Read 180



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